Branding the Professional Services Firm

What you recognise, know and love about a brand is its unique essence. How that essence is conveyed to you is the work of expert communication partnerships. The power of the brand depends on the ability of those partnerships to capture, reflect and disseminate the essence of the brand in a way that catches the imagination and solves the need of the consumer.


By definition, the essence of a brand permeates every aspect of it, from the corporate culture behind it, to the messages about it and the design representations of it. We have found that in the most powerful brands, the soul and the identity of the brand are fully understood, and faithfully and consistently portrayed. In our experience, this is where expert partnerships become so important, as together, the client and the brand professionals create and curate the brand’s identity. Our approach to professional service brand strategy


Importance of brand essence reflecting corporate culture Before you market your brand to the outside world, it helps to foster a unity of purpose within your company. Encourage your staff to understand and embrace everything your brand stands for and the impact you intend it to have. This may require setting behaviour expectations, establishing values and providing training.


Importance of content (messaging) reflecting the essence In the past, communicating the essence of a brand to a relatively unsophisticated and receptive audience using standard marketing methods via limited media channels was straightforward. Today, capturing the attention of a target market that is often as demanding as it is fickle demands agility, subtlety, intuition and an understanding of the market dynamics and the consumer psyche.


The importance of clarity, integrity and consistency in reflecting the essence The concept of design thinking, when it comes to reflecting brand essence, covers a lot of ground, from the brand identity and service offering, to operational systems, digital platforms, interior design and sales tools. Clarity of essence Wherever possible, the brand design should clearly portray the full range or focus of services offered. Surprisingly, this aspect is often ignored. Clarity, consistency and confidence Try to be clear about what your brand is, to be consistent in delivering on what your brand promises, and above all, to believe in your brand. Brand integrity creates trust The integrity of a brand defines its essence, and it is reflected in every aspect of the brand. It is something that is earned and that cannot be faked. It requires commitment and dedication to maintain, and it is based on the ongoing and uncompromising delivery of what was promised to the consumer in the name of the brand.

Why Foster Expert Communication Partnerships 

Expert communication partnerships use their combined strengths to capture, reflect and disseminate the essence of the brand in a way that catches the imagination and solves the need of the consumer. We have experienced this when working with our clients – and it is an inspiring way to work. Lipman Burgon & Partners are a Sydney-based financial advisory firm with 15 years’ experience in partnering with high net worth clients with complex financial needs. They are a business built around people and take immense pride in the deep personal relationships forged with clients over many years. The firm needed to rebrand in order to facilitate a leadership transition and name change; from Robert Lipman & Associates to Lipman Burgon & Partners. A partnership of experts comprising Macquarie Bank, The Connolly Partnership, The Editor Group, and Ascender, was created to manage the transitioning of the firm. The task was to create a premium brand that retained brand equity through employee behaviour, communications and design as a means of protecting the legacy of the company. Each partner took responsibility for a project area. Macquarie Bank drove the business strategy of positioning the company for growth. The Connolly Partnership was responsible for the communications strategies, covering key messages on succession and transition, positioning of business, and telling a story of growth while retaining brand heritage. They also managed client concerns and engaged staff staff around the core business values, vision and mission. The Editor Group was responsible for messaging content and tone. Ascender was responsible for brand strategy, brand identity and brand application. This highly effective and inspiring expert communication partnership has enabled Lipman Burgon & Partners to draw on an extended range of expert services, knowledge and experience resulting in the company’s successful repositioning as ‘pre-eminent boutique’.


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