We 'heart' Microsoft (honest!)

Every day, it seems there’s a new software tool or communication platform that promises all sorts of innovative new ways to present, share information, sell and transact. But in our design experience, it’s often the simplest comms that get the best response. The everyday tools people (your customers and staff) want and know how to use. Yes, we mean PowerPoint. Yes, we mean Word. Even Excel spreadsheets have their place. And there’s nothing like a good interactive PDF – which, embedded with movies and links, can become a shareable, portable, cost-effective instant sales tool.


When your customers go through their sales journey, at each touchpoint they need to understand or be persuaded. To keep them moving along to the next stage they need simplicity, clarity and familiarity… and for most people, Microsoft Office means all of those things. Your sales staff also need to be able to adapt the collateral to suit their customer’s needs – and again, simple and familiar tools work. You can even make PowerPoint presentations that are beautiful and workable – they’re great for training, inspiring and calling to action. You can develop your own set of customisable proposal templates in Word that don’t just look good, but save you precious time. That interactive PDF could be an exciting pre-meeting brochure or a next-steps leave behind. You can share it all in Google Cloud, and if you apply consistency and intuitive design at every stage, you’ll make the process more simple and pleasurable.


All of these things can be created quickly – think of your Microsoft channels as the ‘minimum viable product’ of marketing collateral. Need to get a new product to market, or test and improve sales comms? That’s where we apply Design Intelligence to rapidly prototype brand messaging. It doesn’t mean compromising on design – it just means bringing those ideas to life using agile techniques and trusted tools.


And ultimately, that comes back to customer empathy. Understanding that they lead busy lives, with a thousand other things to think about on any given day. When you use tried-and-tested tools they ‘get’, the whole process is more seamless and more efficient. In life and in business, often the best approach is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

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