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Press for success

The juice industry is moving away from high preservative, mass-produced juices to locally grown, cold-pressed juices that boast higher nutritional values. Botanica needed a brand essence and identity design to position itself as a leader in the field.

The challenge

With any trend, there are numerous players vying for market share. Botanica needed a name and brand identity to separate itself from the pack.

Our approach

By establishing ‘Thrive’ as 
a brand essence, we were then able to develop the name Botanica, which encapsulates the philosophy of ‘The Power of Plants’. In order to articulate the medicinal value of Botanica cold-pressed juices, we devised a Botanical element design system in which each juice has a different formula. This system allowed the range of juices to be unified in design, but individually identifiable.

The result

The company name and logo are complemented by a full set of ‘Botanical elements’ and a pattern using 18th century botanical illustrations.




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