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Perennial Value Management

Making the complex simple

Perennial Value Management is an Australian owned, specialist, active investment management firm located in Sydney and Melbourne. Their sole focus is to deliver excellence in funds management through equity ownership and the alignment of interests between key investment management staff and their clients.

The challenge

As the key sponsor of the FPA Roadshow this presented an ideal opportunity to explain their investing approach and philosophy in a non-biased way. Thus our challenge was to articulate the difference between management strategies (Active vs Passive) BUT that they can and should co-exist within a balanced portfolio.

Our approach

Developing themes like - Balance, Guide and Strategy helped align the campaign with the Roadshow subject. From the themes, headlines were developed that provided a hierarchy of communication that was balanced with a visual metaphor. The ‘Strategy’ theme became the Roadshow visual language using ‘objects’ to represent Active vs Passive - the concept was then aligned with Perennial style guide and applied across all roadshow touchpoint.

The result

Over 3000 financial planner and advisors registered to attend the six week FPA Roadshow across Australia. The outcome from the roadshow is to empower advisors with a framework to demonstrate to clients the Active vs Passive decision making process and why their portfolio is structured this way.



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