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Creative identities

Your brand identity is the flag you stake in the ground, claiming your position in your market – and differentiating your business from the competition. Defining your brand’s unique personality is a powerful way to demonstrate your core business values. It must be relevant, true to your proposition, and be easily applied across your business. We develop design systems and guidelines to help your staff make sure your brand and messages are consistent.

Your design system

Your brand identity design system is made up of many elements, and the choices you make with colours, language, images, icons and typefaces will all affect how your brand is perceived in the market. We’ll guide you through the options to find the perfect combination and ensure it is consistently applied to your brand.

Creating your story

Your identity design is an effective way to communicate the story of your brand to customers. It can demonstrate your business values and create a sense of trust.

Our attention to detail

We craft your design to consider its artistic form, while ensuring that your logo and design elements function perfectly across all touchpoints from social media icons to embroidery.

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