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Creating smart financial brands

BondAdviser was formed in 2014 in response to new legislation that made it easier and more accessible for companies to list bonds on the ASX – opening up this market to advisers and investors. BondAdviser developed a market-leading web-based portal to cope with this new demand and provide financial advisors and investors with all the information they need to become a professional bond investor.

The challenge

Our challenge was to bring sophistication, interest and a sense of excitement to an industry widely perceived as boring.

Our approach

The new identity design for the website needed to create desire and convey authority. We developed the brand essence of ‘smarter’ and explored various academic, mathematical and scientific visual languages to develop the brand’s visual identity.

The result

The website has a completely fresh look and feel. The company logo is based on mathematical precision supported by a design system including icons, online typography, and colour palettes. Carefully selected brand images that predominantly feature people help to humanise the brand and leverage the wisdom behind it.




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