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Easy Street

Banking. Without the funny business. Good Save.

Easy Street is an online only banking solution launched in 2003 by Community First Credit Union.

The challenge

Ascender were engaged to revamp the brand delivering a fresh look and feel, coupled with messages that speak directly to consumers disillusioned by traditional banking practices. As a challenger brand our approach was to define a 'sense of purpose' through brand definition, creative and campaign language.

Our approach

Our solution was to build on a simple value, no frills, saving proposition. This was captured neatly by our welcoming strapline: ‘Great banking, good save’. This extended to further campaign language such as 'Banking without the funny business. Good save.' and 'Banking without the Blah Blah Blah. Good save.’ We added a deliberately low cost illustration style that could easily animate online and add a sense of fun.

The result

The first month of the relaunch saw an 85% lift in site users and over 300% increase in applications. Mr John Tancevski, CEO of Easy Street, said, ‘At a time when trust in banking is low, and people are fed up with bank antics, Easy Street offers a genuine alternative for people looking for simplicity, good value, and convenient banking.’ ‘Our new brand messages tap into the problems consumers have with conventional banking such as excess fees, complexity, high interest rates, slow branch queues and overseas call centres.’




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