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Potentia Learning

Education branding - inspiring confidence today and a lifelong love of learning.

Potentia is a subsidiary of Dymocks, one of Australia’s most trusted family companies.

The challenge

Ascender were briefed to create a new education brand for the Dymocks Group as a strategy to diversify, transform and future proof the business. The plan was to enter the category through bricks and mortar hubs and extend to professional, vocational, and online AI technologies. Research identified an opportunity to develop a compelling education proposition that delivers ‘outcomes beyond results’. Our core challenge was to create a unique trademarked name in a crowded category and provide a solution to leverage the Dymocks Brand.

Our approach

We conducted internal workshops with the leadership team, to discover and define business vision, a value proposition - gaining teacher, parent and student insight. We created a brand essence of ‘Unlocking Potential’ informing the latinized brand name of ‘Potentia’. Our brand architecture informed core messaging needs, tone of voice as well as personality and identity design elements.

The result

From a core logo we created multiple variations of the symbol conveying an energetic, curious and inspirational brand. Playful illustrations allowed us to extend the brand story through environmental graphics, social content, merchandise, marketing collateral and teaching tools. Infographics and icons further explained and simplified the learning system, demagogy and curriculum.




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