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Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Reform, rebrand, refresh

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has a new strategic vision, office location and brand platform to help build a better future for individuals, businesses and society as a whole. The Agency asked us to create
a confident, trustworthy and visually appealing corporate identity to work like a B2B brand.

The challenge

Recent legislative reform
and the associated rebrand of the Agency provided an opportunity to signify clear and distinctive change within the organisation, and a new impetus to support employers, eliminate discrimination, foster workplace consultation and improve productivity and competitiveness. Our communication challenge was to make employers aware of the business benefits of gender equality.

Our approach

We conducted interviews and ran internal workshops to distil a brand essence and develop the creative brief.

The result

Our branding solution, ‘W-Tick’, represents workplace positivity and is endorsed by a citation brand awarded to ‘Employers of Choice.’ Cropped images of faces signify balance, while a decorative overlay of data reinforces the integrity of research analysis and reporting.




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